Smart Government


SmartGov-sizedSmart Government, Gov 2.0, or e-Government refers to the more efficient management of municipal and critical infrastructure. Ever-increasing urban populations and economic constraints make a “perfect storm” for natural disasters and routine events to cause widespread and lasting damage. Fallout from minor traffic incidents and even major natural disasters can be mitigated with the right processes and solutions. 

Modulo solutions for Smart Government allow municipalities to plug into “smart” systems and build dynamic command and control centers, making it easier for civil servants to monitor problems and take action when necessary. Imagine having the ability to exchange information directly between smartphones or tablets synched with a central system. When people capture images and coordinates of incidents, a civil servant receives an SMS or email and can then respond to the report. Using Modulo solutions for Smart Government, municipalities handle incidents properly and efficiently, mitigating impact to infrastructure and economies.

CAD Screen shot

Screenshot of Modulo solutions for CAD, deployed for Brazil’s Extraordinary Secretariat of Security for Major Events (SESGE) with the “Secured Brazil” (Brasil Seguro) consortium, which will be responsible for providing IT solutions, services and infrastructure to the expected 14 Command and Control Integrated Centers (CICC) in the 12 World Cup host cities.

How Modulo can help:

  • Create internactive and dynamic governance panel for command and control centers
  • Facilitate access to information for many citizens and businesses
  • Provide support for decision-making and activities monitoring

“Among the solutions acquired by Prodam for implementing [São Paulo’s] Central Municipality, Modulo Risk Manager software was chosen as the best solution for the city’s incident management…. The software enables the viewing of events on its control panel, dashboards of status, georeferenced map of events, and city assets (schools, hospitals, tanks, etc.).” – President of Prodam, contract company heading Smart City solutions for São Paulo, Brazil  

Case Study