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Business Runs Better

Risk management is something every business owner does instinctively. It’s not a science, it’s a practice — something we all learn with experience. The faster a business moves and the more territory it covers, the more challenging risk management becomes. The corner store on Main Street manages risk by locking its doors at night, hiring trust-worthy employees, paying necessary taxes, checking a few compliance boxes, and maybe talking-up its reputation to friends and neighbors. What about a global corporation or government agency?

In order to manage risk, managers need insight and a way to take action. Modulo’s solutions for GRC, process automation, and more provide the platforms professionals need to access data when and where they need it, visualize it in meaningful reports, and take action on critical items.

GRC Solutions

Modulo offers flexible, scalable, and affordable solutions for traditional Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) and extended risk management needs. Modulo’s GRC  solutions provide security and compliance executives with cutting-edge 300w car on highwayplatforms for optimizing GRC programs.

Modulo GRC solutions provide visibility into Risk and Compliance efforts, enhancing Governance and helping eliminate redundancies. While good Governance starts with people and processes, it gets a boost from improved efficiencies and aligned resources. Improve visibility by implementing Modulo and scale your GRC environment over time, leveraging Modulo’s GRC solutions for specific Risk and Compliance issues. Learn more about specific GRC solutions below.

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Scalable and Affordable Solutions

Modulo’s solutions for GRC are based on a proven process that aligns with international standards. Modulo customers benefit from program optimization, integration with existing tools, process automation, cloud-survey capabilities, reduced costs, and more. Using Modulo solutions for GRC, organizations create business-relevant quantitative & qualitative reports on identified leading and trailing risk indicators to help prioritize actions and support decision-making. Modulo’s technology platforms feature open APIs for integrating any external data source. Modulo also houses one of the largest available databases of controls, standards, and frameworks, which is maintained by the company’s expert research lab.

The Extended Network

Most organizations today rely heavily on an extended network of suppliers and vendors. This network, left unmonitored, is a potential source for security, IT, reputation, and compliance risk. Vendor Risk Management programs and technology traditionally support IT initiatives to protect sensitive, personal, or proprietary customer and enterprise information. Today, forward-thinking enterprises are stretching the definition and role of  Third Party Risk Management, to determine vendor criticality to the business, improve vendor and supplier relationships and processes, and report security and compliance across the extended enterprise.

“Mature governance, risk management, and compliance practices go beyond simply reducing policy breaches and risk events. If you properly align your efforts with the unique needs of your organization, they will make it more agile, more resilient, and more respected among your most important internal and external stakeholders.” Assess Your GRC Program With Forrester’s GRC Maturity Model, Forrester, by Renee Murphy, Nick Hayes, and Christopher McClean, October 2, 2013.