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Strategic Partners: USA & Canada


IBM helps thousands of clients address the challenges of securing their people, data, applications and infrastructure. The IBM Security Framework provides a more integrated, intelligent approach to security. The application of security intelligence and analytics along with external threat intelligence, helps organizations to detect, analyze and remediate threats that point products will always miss.

Dell Secureworks

Dell Secureworks logo - small

Dell SecureWorks focuses exclusively on security services to protect thousands of customers around the world. Dell Inc. listens to customers and delivers worldwide innovative technology and business solutions they trust and value. Recognized as an industry leader by top analysts, Dell SecureWorks provides world-class IT security services to help organizations of all sizes protect their IT assets, comply with regulations and reduce security costs.



Cognizant is a global leader in business and technology services, helping clients bring the future of work to life — today.


sf_logoSigmaFlow is a leading provider of Process Execution solutions for the energy sector. SigmaFlow’s solution portfolio includes Well Delivery, NERC Compliance, Project Management and Business Process Analysis Tools. SigmaFlow products place a strong emphasis on embedding domain knowledge through process-driven template-based-architecture. The company serves a diverse global portfolio of customers in the mid-range and enterprise marketplace.

Partners & Resellers: USA & Canada



Accunet provides on-demand expertise and support for clients needing to keep up with the changes in the technology landscape. Accunet consulting solutions free clients to focus on other key areas of business, taking advantage of the latest trends and technology, and effectively managing costs.


Mandem Logo

Mandem Assurance Services practice offers a multitude of solutions for the performance and operations of your business. Mandem is dedicated to provide clients with professional and practical solutions that assist them in protecting their most valuable assets, delivering solutions through a proven business assurance model, which integrates a skilled and dedicated team of Information Technology and Security consultants with leading-edge practices, products and professional services including PCI DSS Compliance Reviews, IT Audits, Security Assessments, Security Awareness, and HIPAA Evaluations.


Identity Logix

IdentityLogix is an innovative information security software company. SpyLogix™ is its state-of-the-art enterprise security middleware platform providing for continuous information security intelligence and real-time data actualization. Identity assurance solutions, including password reset and multi-level authentication, leverage voice biometrics for identity verification. Private and public entities concerned with constantly evolving cyber-threats and needing on-demand security information leverage IdentityLogix for supporting IT service process integration, troubleshooting, security data analysis, IT audits, governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) enablement.

Berkana Resources


Berkana Resources provides SCADA Systems Security, Compliance, Integration and Consulting services to clients in the Oil & Gas, Water and Utility Markets.


Sword & Shield

Since 1997 Sword & Shield Enterprise Security has been the trusted information security partner for more than 3,000 clients in all 50 states and 27 countries around the globe. Our services include penetration testing, network vulnerability assessment, application security testing, PCI audits, HIPAA and GLBA audits, security policy, social engineering, forensics, eDiscovery, incident response and IT Risk Governance, Risk and Compliance. Security is our only business.


VioPoint is a strategic solution provider that helps organizations identify, quantify, and manage the risk associated with information assets.

Information Systems Security Solutions, Inc.

Information Systems Security Solutions, Inc. provides an integrated view of security assurance to guide clients in making better security investment decisions.

Infotech Consulting, Inc.

Infotech has years of rich experience in the planning, design, development, implementation and maintenance of Business Information Systems. It offers integrated business solutions, technical consulting services and software products for small, medium and enterprise business organizations. Diverse public and private sector client base includes State and Local Government, Education, High-Tech, Healthcare, Insurance and Media & Publishing markets. It is one of the largest and fastest growing technology service provider in the Central Pennsylvania Region.

IND Corporation


IND is committed to providing complete information technology solutions in order to improve organizations total cost of ownership value.

Jordan Jaden Partners

Jordan Jaden Partners has been managing technology projects in the Financial Services, Biotechnology, and Healthcare industries through the past 25+ years. Innovation and thought leadership are a trademark of Jordan Jaden’s experience. This team has also been heavily involved in aligning technology strategy and architecture to business goals at large money center banks as well as at boutique brokerage firms.

Partners: Brazil


coobo-marca 1

Coobo Procurement Solutions is Brazil’s second-largest asset management company that provides solutions, systems and consulting services to areas involved with purchasing, and focuses on operational efficiency and improving profit margins through sustainable cost-reducing measures.

IT Safe

IT Safe is the first Brazilian company to provide specific solutions for automation network security based on the ANSI/ISA-99 standard. The company´s technical staff consists of automation professionals, and are recognized and internationally certified on SCADA for technical security systems. TI Safe is also a member of the international committee to review and maintain the ANSI/ISA-99 standards.

5F – IT Solutions


5F specializes in integrating the best IT solutions for numerous organizations from distinct sectors. Its ultimate goal is to reduce costs, especially those related to hardware and software ownership (TCO), and provide maximum return on investments (ROI).



Nethus’ areas of expertise are composed of accomplished consultants for IT Governance, Cloud Computing, Service Assurance and Workload Automation. Nethus aims its policies to high quality services and is distinguished by providing consistent solutions, which are consistently integrated in a specialized Information & Communication Technology (ICT) portfolio.



RTM is the largest telecommunications service provider for Brazil’s financial industry, connecting about 500 institutions and over 30 information/service providers into a single operating environment. With customer service staff of experts, RTM’s network provides data management, voice and image services, and offers a high level of security and availability rate through a private network. It also creates user-specific solutions through its scope, specialization, and value-added products.

Strong Security


Strong Security specializes in GRC, and focuses on information security solutions while possessing vast experience in implementation, support, consulting and management services.



Schlumberger is the world’s leading technology, integrated project management and information solutions supplier to global Oil & Gas companies. Its workforce is made up of approximately 123,000 professionals, representing over 140 nationalities, and operating in over 85 countries. Schlumberger proudly provides the industry with a wide range of products and services from exploration to production.



Podium Technology specializes in Infrastructure, Information Security, IT Governance and Risk Management, and is MSP (Managed Service Provider) certified. By taking the Managed Service model, Podium supports its clients with infrastructure failure prevention, proactive assistance, as well as with planning, indicators and action plans for improvements.

Power Solutions


POWERSolutions provides optimal consulting services, performs research, offers diagnostic and prognostic solutions, as well as high availability and performance project management.

CRP Consultants


CRP specializes in consulting services, as well as business and IT solutions. It strives to contribute to the growth of its clientele by leveraging their best attributes, either through innovative technology solutions or with skills in people management



ConsulData is an established leading integrator of technological solutions for São Paulo’s metropolitan coast. Serving customs enclosures and port terminals, which contributed to the modernization of the Port of Santos, it is the only accredited Furukawa installer in the region. ConsulData is also registered under the Petrobras CRCC 022588 system in order to serve and meet Brazil’s Oil & Gas industry’s demands.



Sec2b is one of Brazil’s largest information security company, with a highly competitive presence in the South and Southeastern markets, while still maintaining large clients in each region of the country.

ATI Solutions


ATI Solutions emerged from the need to tend to the growing IT market in Brazil’s southernmost states, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, and has, since then, providing solutions such as security products, software and services. ATI Solutions develops and conducts projects that require high availability data centers, during the prospecting phase until its conclusion. Its expertise serves the region’s major privately held companies and public agencies.



PRODERJ is Rio de Janeiro’s agency for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) management, and plays a central role in proposing technical instructions and guidelines to establish ICT policies to the region’s public administration.

Intelligent Sale


Intelligent Sale is a certified Modulo Security Provider, and specializes in Information Security projects involving LAN and WAN networks. Its licensed specialists provide technical, network administration, physical and logical infrastructure support.



Tecnoinf specializes in IT solutions, and provides consulting and advisory services for business informatics, network implementation, software application development, programming, as well as reselling data processing equipment and supplies.



CEPROMAT is a government-owned company responsible for IT governance for the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso.


Simetrya Information Technology


Simetrya has conquered the national IT sector, and is now considered a benchmark for innovative, flexible and customized solutions, as well as for first-rate outsourcing and consulting services.

ImageTech Technology


Imagetech Technology is a leading IT company in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul which provides on-demand expertise on information security implementation, computer networking solutions, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and systems development.



Prodemge is a governmental IT company in the state of Minas Gerais known for modernizing the region’s public sector, a commitment that reflects in its ongoing engagement of intellectual capital and technological infrastructure for public administration and automation.

Safe Security Solutions


Safe Security is Minas Gerais’ largest and leading provider of integrated solutions in GRC provider, Business Continuity, Audit, Information Security policies, Event and Incident Management, Physical Security, and Data Center development.



The Institute of Information and Communication Technologies of Espírito Santo promotes and provides ICT solutions to improve public management and services. PRODEST is also the government’s exclusive Internet service provider for the region.



Aker Security Solutions is a national Information Security solutions manufacturer, and the largest Brazilian company specialized in developing edge protection, such as Firewall and VPN, in order to generate optimal security between network connections.



Lanlink’s history is marked by partners and solutions that ensure customers with quality, excellence, reliability and the best return for their business needs. To begin a relationship with a client Lanlink aims to be a long-term preferred provider of information technology solutions.



ZCR is among Brazil’s top 100 IT services providers. It has expanded into new frontiers within the national and international markets by investing on innovative technologies, the expertise of its staff, and on the quality of its operations.

Tecno Ativa


Since 1998 tecnoAtiva has helped organizations improve their IT infrastructure in order to withstand business operations in an affordable, more effective and secure way. tecnoAtiva empowers companies by providing protection against information leakage and digital threats.



The Data Processing Company of Bahia (PRODEB) has a broad portfolio of services that includes: network implementation and management; data processing and storage; web application development; high-volume variable data printing capabilities (10 million pages/month); web page developing; internet provision; in addition to consulting and technical support in any ICT-related area.

Apta Technology


Apta Technology has been providing IT solutions since 1996, focusing on information security and network infrastructure, and offering integrated and superior service while aiming for customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.



The Data Processing Company of Amazonas (PRODAM) provides specialized ICT services to the state’s public administrative agencies as well as federal entities, private institutions, and municipal administrations.




Partners: Latin America


iSETEC (logo)

iSetec is primarily designed to provide information security support to Argentina’s leading public and private organizations. iSetec ensures quality and excellence through its ISO 9001:2000 certification and by adopting the latest generation technologies.


InfoProtection (logo)

InfoProtection specializes in providing quality Information Security solutions in consulting, diagnostics and auditing, security management and training. Argentina’s small, medium and large enterprises choose InfoProtection’s experience in tailoring to their Information Security needs.


Electrodata (logo)

Electrodata is Peru’s leading company specializing in virtualization solutions, networking, data network optimization and IT security. Electrodata focuses on Data, Voice and Service Infrastructure Optimization and ensures end-to-end IT security, which allows businesses to gain productivity and improve development opportunities.


ADEXUS (logo)

ADEXUS is a leading company when it comes to developing and implementing innovative IT solutions, with operations in Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and Colombia. ADEXUS’ quality services and ability to integrate technological systems with high value-added are backed by over 20 years of market presence.


GitS (logo)

GitS is considered one of Mexico’s 20 most important IT companies (IDC). GitS is dedicated to investigating, adopting, developing and implementing state-of-the-art technologies, and best international practices and standards to its specialties in order to provide valuable business solutions.


Digiware (logo)

Digiware is a leading IT security company and provides integral security solutions, consultancy, and specialized managed security and training services, which are supported by a solid knowledge and expertise base. Digiware aims to provide first-rate assistance and outstanding satisfaction levels to more than 1,000 clients from diverse business sectors, as well as collaborators, strategic partners and shareholders throughout Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.


DAKYA (logo)

Partners: Europe

Prism Informatics

Prism Informatics (logo)

Headquartered in India, Prism Informatics is a BSE listed company in the software development and IT business consulting fields. The company has expanded by a combination of Organic and Inorganic growth, and is now well recognized across Europe, Asia-Pac, Middle-East, Africa and Southeast Asia. Prism is a leading global partner and has won several SAP & IBM awards for quality commitment, leadership, and Rapid Deployment Solutions. Prism has also launched several new products for the cloud computing and mobile industries.


CryptoNet (logo)

CryptoNet is a pioneer in the information security business in Italy. CryptoNet provides a wide range of security solutions that sweep from the project and the implementation of PKI, secure VPNs based on the IPSec protocol, digital signatures and network security certification. CryptoNet solutions are comprehensive and integrated for simplicity and customisation. CryptoNet focuses on financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications and government institutions in Italy.


SINFIC (logo)

With offices in Portugal, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, and Brazil, Sinfic provides groundbreaking software products and solutions, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and technical know-how. Sinfic also offers a vast network of certified technical expertise and core businesses, managed in a context of risk management, and certified products for process management (CMMI SEI) as well as solutions development and implementation services (ISO9001:2008). Sinfic adds value to every client with a vast experience gathered through the execution of projects in several sectors and involving varying degrees of complexity and risk.


Unisys (logo)

Unisys is a worldwide information technology company that provides a portfolio of IT services, software, and technology that solves critical problems for clients. The company specializes in helping clients secure their operations, increase the efficiency and utilization of their data centers, enhance support to their end users and constituents, and modernize their enterprise applications. To provide these services and solutions, Unisys brings together offerings and capabilities in outsourcing services, systems integration and consulting services, infrastructure services, maintenance services, and high-end server technology.


CRESCE SI (logo)

CESCE SI was founded in 1988 and has since then dedicated its activities to data storage integration. Acquired by SIA Group in 2004 for its leadership in this niche market, CESCE SI became an expert in infrastructure development integration, managed services and consulting solutions, which are applied to two business areas: storage and security. Through this strategy, CESCE SI positions itself as an end-to-end IT services and solutions provider.

Central European Risk Institute – CERI

Central European Risk Institute (logo)


Lanifex (logo)